Greater Highland Heights 
Church of God in Christ

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Lady Latissa Stephens was born in Beaumont, TX to Paul and Missionary May Frances Duriso.  She moved to Waco to attend Baylor University, but then God’s purpose for her life was revealed.  On October 31, 1994, she gave her life to Christ.  In April 1995 she had a baptismal experience in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  As her former pastor Dr. Gilbert Gillum Jr. taught her, she believes that prayer plus praise indeed equals power. 

Lady Stephens and her husband Dr. Ruey T. Stephens Jr. believe God has ordained their union and desire to see God’s hand in producing a great destiny.  Through joint prayer and fasting, they are seeking that destiny with great fervor.

Despite the many attacks that have come Lady Stephens’ way, she has learned through the battles that God is truly her sole and foundational source of strength, compassion, love and true intimacy.  She is learning she is but a handmaiden with a mission to fulfill her Father’s call and satisfy His will for her life as well as for her family.

Baylor University – Bachelor of Science in Biology

Lady Stephens' career has taken her through such areas as teaching, tutoring, sales, chemical processing and social work. Currently, she is a developmental disability specialist for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.  Although this agency deals with many unbelievable and often inhumane tragedies, she believes God has given her the desire to see children safe and adequately cared for.  With her own personal testimony of childhood molestation, God has given her the compassion to minister the love of Christ to the abused and even the abuser.

Even prior to salvation, Lady Stephens has been actively involved in the church at the directives and mandate of her parents.  All of the training and positions of appointment prepared her for what God would reveal for her as an adult.  She has held positions in the local, district and jurisdictional levels.

As a member of the Greater Highland Heights Church of God in Christ under the leadership of her husband, Lady Stephens is committed to assisting in fulfilling the vision God has placed in him.  As she treads out the path of the first lady and carries the many responsibilities that befall such a difficult position, her earnest desire is to be as effective in the church as she is to her husband. Her husband teaches that to be a failure at home constrains your ability to truly fulfill God’s plan for your life.